McCoy Gallery

Community Creative Center partners with local and regional artists and art collectives to exhibit works in McCoy Gallery in the lobby of our home in the Nadine Baum Studios. The gallery includes more than 140 running feet of exhibition space, 3D display shelving and pedestals and gallery track lighting.  McCoy Gallery is free and open to the public Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Multiple week exhibitions are scheduled each year. Art works by exhibiting artists and Community Creative Center Teaching Artists and Open Studio members are available for purchase. CCC also hosts exhibitions in the Gallery developed during CCC arts education programming, in collaboration with other non-profit organization programs, and during Summer Camp.

Exhibiting artist Neil Harrington

Neal Harrington “Many Moons” Woodcuts – Dec 2021-Feb 2022

Closing Reception February 4th 5-8 pm


Neal Harrington was born in Rapid City, South Dakota in 1973. He graduated from the  University of South Dakota with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (emphasis in painting) in  1998. Mr. Harrington then recently married, followed his wife to graduate school in Wichita,  Kansas. He graduated in 2001 with a Master of Fine Arts degree (emphasis in printmaking)  from Wichita State University. Currently Neal, Tammy and their two children live in  Russellville, Arkansas.

Artist Statement 

Even before moving south I was interested in the myth/Americana of Southern Music. My  gateway to this culture was the Blues, then Folk, Bluegrass, and the classic Country that my  parents played constantly while I was growing up.  This series of prints create a narrative/storytelling content that I find continually fascinating,  emphasizing my vision about the human condition. I am particularly inspired by myths, legends,  and tall tales glorifying and elevating everyday events to new perspectives. Before embarking  on any journey, I make sure that my compositions contribute to the overall idea, whether it is  humor, sadness, isolation, passion, the power of a good composition is really my strongest  attribute. 

Linda Sheets: Retrospective –  Sept- Dec 2021

Linda Sheets’ last statement about her work: “Life is just a series of activities and events. Simple as that. The first main event, our birth, the last, our death. In between we experience the great and the mundane. The activity that brings me the greatest joy is creating art, making something from nothing, to create a visual record of a life experience.

“My most recent work has been inspired by my collection of vintage black and white photographs. I’m drawn to these orphans, these interesting images carefully placed in albums, but then discarded when there is no longer anyone who knows who they are, what activities they cared for, or how they lived. Over the years as I’ve gathered photos and albums that catch my eye at various estate and tag sale, I usually have no clue about who they are, so many are unidentified and lost to time. The most precious are those that have a date and/or name written on the back. The only thing I’m sure of is that they are long gone and those who knew and loved them are probably gone as well. In drawing them I try to imagine their story, or even to write a completely new one, to honor their existence in that specific, ephemeral, moment captured by film.”