CCC Staff

Adelaide Schaeffer

Executive Director

I absolutely love the Community Creative Center!  Each one of us has DNA values and passions that course through our blood. I am passionate about community. I love bringing people together through shared values, removing barriers and ensuring “All are welcome at the table where we gather.”

I well remember a theology course at Boston College many years ago. The professor spoke about the meaning of the word, “Catholic.” In its etymology, Catholic comes from two words, “Kato” and “Holos” , meaning, “All are welcome at the table.” 

This is the DNA that courses through my veins. I love this and I love being a part of bridging and building community. What could be a better way to do this than through the arts!

I also love the commitment at the Community Creative Center that Arts are for everyone—not just the professionals but to everyone.  When a board member brought this up in my interview, I leaned in. I wanted to be a part of this type of inclusive, welcoming, creative community. Our values aligned perfectly!

I couldn’t be more alive in the work of this center. We have the gift and privilege to bring people together through the arts, to build a “beloved” community where we come together around shared interests, shared values of welcome and hospitality and shared passions to fuel creativity  and innovation through various art mediums.  I love the people who come to our center. I love the work. I celebrate and give a standing ovation to our community partners who make this work possible. I love the thinking outside of the box for the next “what if we created this” idea.

It is a gift and privilege to follow the legacy of Barb Putman. Barb has truly left this organization a legacy gift with her vision, her leadership and her many signature contributions to this center. I am also thankful to work with a board that inspires, fosters and supports innovation, growth and community collaboration.

My husband and I have lived in Fayetteville for over 40 years.  We have a son, Benny Schaeffer, and an adopted in spirit son, Eddie, both of whom we are so very proud. We love playing tennis, hiking, walking our dogs, riding bikes on the Fayetteville trail and simply being a part of the northwest Arkansas Community. I love running in the woods at the end of the day, feeling the wind and breeze against my face and experiencing the changing seasons. 

Together, my husband and I started Champions for Kids, a nonprofit committed to helping children in poverty over 16 years ago.  I continue to serve on the board of Champion for Kids as a passionate board member to help further initiatives to provide resources and support most especially to homeless children in our area.  During our marriage, my husband and I have helped over 13 children experience home and family during our many years of marriage. It is through the experience of learning first hand the growing numbers of youth in need of families, homes, love and stability that Champions for Kids was founded.  I continue this work as a volunteer board member.

My passion to welcome all to the table of hospitality and to provide safe, thriving spaces where we help other people build bridges of connection through the arts is my life passion. I am thrilled and honored to provide my support to such a fabulous community center. It is my privilege to serve as the Executive Director of the Community Creative Center. Please, come visit us and explore painting, pottery, crafts or experience many of our wonderful workshops. We would love to meet you and welcome you home to the Community Creative Center.

Bryce Brisco

Senior Director of Studio Programs

Bryce Brisco originally hails from rural Northwestern Arkansas. After receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts with Honors, in Painting from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, he pursued the study of functional pottery in North Carolina, and Louisiana. He attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, where he received a Masters of Fine Arts in Ceramics. He served four years as an Artist-in-Residence at the Appalachian Center for Craft, in Smithville, Tennessee. Bryce has participated in numerous national juried shows and held eight solo exhibitions. He has published articles in Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making Illustrated, CFile Ceramics, and Ceramics Arts and Perception. Most recently, he has returned home to the Ozarks to establish an independent workshop.

Gwen Kelly

Member Services and Member Events

Gwen Kelly is a veteran multicultural marketer who has worked with Top Fortune 500 and global brands including American Family Insurance, Disney, Procter and Gamble, Singapore Airlines and Walmart. Over the course of her marketing career and now as an emerging voice in the business consulting sector, Gwen has become known for her keen ability to inject insight into multiple areas of the marketing process and the infusion of the multicultural perspective bringing life and energy to a client’s bottom line and
reputation. Most recently, Gwen participated in the inaugural Executive Apprenticeship program at cultural consultancy, sparks & honey, where she worked on the Future of Work 2030 project. Follow her on social media at Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Maria Rainey

Executive Administrative Assistant & Operations

Maria is a local of Fayetteville. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BSBA in Economics. Though she is not a professional artist, she loves to try her hand at drawing, painting, and other creative activities. Maria is excited to bring her previous experience in banking and community research to the Community Creative Center.

Desiree Dunlap

Community Outreach & Special Projects

Desirée graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She is a highly equipped project manager with proven capability of handling operational support duties along with the ability to manage in a fast-paced office environment. Her previous leadership and management experience has created an adaptable and ambitious individual with instinctive problem-solving skills. While pursuing her career and starting a family, Desiree has managed to overcome many of life’s obstacles. She takes pride in her organizational and networking talents, which have ultimately helped achieve her goals. She believes that anyone who wants to pursue their dreams, can do so, with a great amount of determination, faith, and hard work.

Kiara Page

Manager of Operations

Kiara graduated from the University of Mobile with a Bachelor’s degree in history and studio art. Her personal art style is colorful, illustrative and usually combines portraits, plants, and other organic subject matter to create unique pieces on canvas and pottery alike. Along with her administrative duties of answering calls, routing emails, and inputting data, Kiara keeps the CCC studios clean, the kilns firing smoothly, and Open Studio members happy and well informed.  She is also a hard working teaching artist at CCC leading classes in painting, ceramics and a wide variety of 2D arts.

Lainie Coles

Director of Marketing, Events, and Member Services

Lainie is a Fayetteville native who graduated from Arkansas Tech with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in Psychology. She is an artist with specializations in watercolor, chalk pastel, ceramics, graphic design and digital illustration. For more about her work, please visit her portfolio site at:

Wheel Mobile Staff

Anthony Capo

Wheel Mobile Engineer

A Miami, Florida native, Anthony finished high school in Eureka Springs and has made Fayetteville his home since graduating from the University of Arkansas. He’s been married to his wife Stacy for 23 years and they have two sons, Carson and Canon.