Drawing and Painting Classes

Descriptive Drawing

Learn to capture line and shape with different drawing media in this class that tackles still life subjects and more! Charcoal, Conte, and Pastel are just a few options to express yourself with in this class that’s open to those who want to join an artistic community! Professional Artist Sean Fitzgibbon will lead you to better drawing technique with a series of challenging projects!

May 5-26th
Instructor: Sean Fitzgibbon

Experimental Drawing

Loosen up! By using different types of paper, and various drawing utensils such as pencil, graphite, charcoal, conte, and pastel explore additive and subtractive mark marking with professional Artist Kathy Thompson.  General themes are provided, with discussions of famous artists, but students are encouraged to find their own voice in Art!

May 4th-25th
Instructor: Kathy Thompson

Drawing the Figure from Life

With personal instruction form published graphic novelist and master draughtsman Sean Fitzgibbon, you’ll develop your eye and your hand as you learn figure drawing techniques such as line, form and anatomy based on a live model. Ages 16 & up

May 3 – 24
Instructor: Sean Fitzgibbon

Experimental Painting

This class is fast and fun! Working with acrylic, tempera and watercolor students explore expressive gesture in paint media based on your artistic intuition.  Historical examples from Fine Art sources serve as guides to lead the students on their own creative journey in this dynamic class.

May 5th-26th
Instructor: Kathy Thompson

Watercolor Painting – Arkansas Wildflowers


Students will learn how to paint wildflowers with wet on wet, wet on dry, water control, and dry brush techniques. Value, hue, and color will be explored though both loose and tight approaches to your favorite flower. Learn more about native plants while creating multiple paintings and studies.

1:00 – 3:00pm
May 6th-27th
Instructor: Amy Littleton Field

Masterclass in Painting with Kathy Thompson

Kathy Thompson has been a professional artist and teacher in Fayetteville for years, and now here is your chance to work alongside her. She will demonstrate contemporary approaches for those who have some painting experience and are looking to step out of the box. This class focuses on students self-directed interests in painting media, with Kathy guiding you towards greater expressive possibilities.

6:30 to 8:30
May 7th-28th
Instructor: Kathy Thompson

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