Printmaking (AUG-SEP)


Sundays, 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Aug 14 – Sep 18

Ages 18 & Up

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  • Masks are not required in the building.
  • Minimum of 4 participants for class to make.
  • A 3% Transaction Fee applies when using cards.

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In this 8-week class, students will explore the art of printmaking and use the techniques learned to make a series of single and multi-color edition prints.

The Basics of Printmaking

This six-week class gives students an introduction to three different techniques in printmaking. Printmaking works with the idea of the multiple, meaning you will create an image and be able to print it multiple times. The students are open to create whatever imagery they choose and will learn how to transfer their style into printmaking techniques. The three techniques we will feature are linoleum block printing, screen printing, and stencil monotype printing. This course is beginner level and is a great place to start printmaking or to get some practice on techniques they have already had experience with.

All supplies included.


Profile picture of Teaching Artis Regan Chrisman-Boman

Regan Chrisman-Boman

“My work explores themes related to private thoughts, daily routines, coping mechanisms and intimate moments. The visual manifestation of these themes is informed by my research concerning symbolism in nature, and is expressed in the work that I create through the use of personal iconography and pattern. I create codified imagery that is seemingly ambiguous and even innocuous, yet is rich with symbolism and personal iconography. The presence of specific and identifiable plants in my imagery is informed through research into the symbolic meaning of various botanical forms. I choose specific plants to use in my compositions based on their symbolism as a means to evoke the emotional state being conveyed in the narrative.”


  • Masks are not required in the building
  • Class requires minimum of 4 participants to continue
  • A 3% Transaction Fee applies when using cards.


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