Wheel Mobile

Imagine More!

For years, we at Community Creative Center have been encouraging people to Imagine More. Now, we’ve taken our own advice and imagined a way to bring the arts to people in a truly unique way. The Wheel Mobile is a custom-designed Winnebago equipped with 9 pottery wheels, art supplies, and clean-up facilities developed to offer pottery wheel classes and art workshops for adults and students of all ages. With its on-board generator and water supply, it can travel and deliver art services anywhere – schools, town squares, youth centers – requiring only flat parking space.

Services And Events

The Wheel Mobile offers a variety of programs throughout Northwest Arkansas-

  • Pottery wheel clay and art parties and workshops for adults and youth ages 10 and up
  • Specialty workshops for families, date nights, and social groups
  • Birthday and Art Parties
  • Team-building Workshops
  • Festivals and Community Events
  • Arts Education programs for schools, non-profits, and community groups

Costs – Parties

Host a Pottery Wheel party on the Wheel Mobile – Birthday, Girls’ Night, Bachelorette – choose your reason to celebrate!

  • Up to 9 guests: $450
  • Up to 18 guests: $600

Deluxe additional services can be added when you book.

  • Art instruction and all supplies provided.
  • 2-hour minimum stays at your location.
  • Your party must be booked at least 2 WEEKS in advance of the desired party date.

Costs – Teambuilding Workshops

Engage and re-energize your team with this unique art experience

  • Up to 9 participants: $800
  • Up to 18 participants: $1000: Project choice, format, and art Instruction customized
  • Specifically for your team.
  • All materials and supplies included.
  • 2-hour minimum stays at your location.
  • Workshops must be booked at least 2 WEEKS in advance of the desired party date
  • Non-refundable $50 deposit required.

Clay It Forward!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity for companies to share the arts with others in our community. When you book a team-building workshop for your group, add an extra $500, and the Wheel Mobile will visit a charity, school, or community organization of your choice. For more information, email communitycreativecenter1@gmail.com.

For Schools

Wheel Mobile arts education programs support the curriculum and enhance classroom learning. When the Wheel Mobile comes to campus, schools save time, energy, and resources.

Free and reduced-price programming is available for high-need schools and qualifying non-profit organizations in Northwest Arkansas.

Email communitycreativecenter1@gmail.com to learn more.

Things To Know

If a school bus can park in your location, so can the Wheel Mobile.

The Wheel Mobile comes with its own power, water, and art supplies. Nothing is left behind except fun and an art-filled experience.

Not located in Northwest Arkansas? Contact us for information regarding a Wheel Mobile visit to your community.